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Parts Used

Name Part type Registry link
Arsenic Promoter (ArsR regulated) Promoter Part:BBa_K190015 <partinfo>K190015 SpecifiedComponents</partinfo>
Wintergreen odor enzyme (BMST1) generator Reporter Part:BBa_J45119 <partinfo>J45119 SpecifiedComponents</partinfo>
GFP generator Reporter Part:BBa_E0840 <partinfo>E0840 SpecifiedComponents</partinfo>

Parts Submitted

Name Part type Registry link
Arsenic Detector Device Part:BBa_K675003 <partinfo>K675003 SpecifiedComponents</partinfo>
Arsenic Promoter With Wintergreen Device Part:BBa_K675004 <partinfo>K675004 SpecifiedComponents</partinfo>
Arsenic Promoter With GFP Device Part:BBa_K675005 <partinfo>K675005 SpecifiedComponents</partinfo>

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if you want to document a part you need to document it on the Registry.