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This is our diary page which records the daily activities of the team. Click on the links below to see a summary of events and activities happening each week.

Week 15: 10th October to 16th October

Monday, 10th October

Chris continued his never-tiring efforts to assemble Gene Guard. Nick got back to work on Phyto Route. Frank prepared his next Radio iGEM episode. Si and Nina worked on their data fitting experiment while Ming looked after his plants and Rebekka looked into organising Dendra2 imaging.

Tuesday, 11th October

Working, working, working

Wednesday, 12th October


Thursday, 13th October

Working working

Friday, 14th October

Another Friday, another meeting. Things are not going as fast as we would like them to go and we decide that working harder is probably the solution. And another weekend is sacrificed onto iGEM work.