Team:Imperial College London/Judging


Judging Criteria

We have registered our team.

We have completed the judging form.

We have set up a team wiki.

We have prepared a poster and a presentation, which we will be presenting at the Jamboree.

We have designed several new BioBricks, including an auxin(IAA)-expressing module, a photoconvertible reporter protein and others.

Several of our BioBricks work as expected. For example, this one.

We have characterised several of our BioBricks. Our favourites are Composite pVeg2 - IaaM - IaaH, BBa_K515100,

Composite p(tetR) R0040- RBS B0034- Dendra2, BBa_K515107 and Composite J23100 promoter - PA2652, BBa_K515102

We collaborated with the WITS-CSIR team from South Africa. Our teams exchanged knowledge about wet lab assays and we helped them with

modelling their theophylline riboswitch.

We have incorporated Human Practices and modelling into our design. Here are the modelling pages for our three modules: Phyto-Route, Auxin Xpress

and Gene Guard.

We have made anti-holin from the Berkeley 2008 lysis cassette available as a stand-alone BioBrick.

We have explored the steps necessary for release of engineered bacteria into the environment and written a guideline for future iGEM teams.

We have investigated the legal issues surrounding GM release and how they would affect the implementation of our project.

We have explored the ecological issues surrounding our project.

We designed Gene Guard, a novel containment device that prevents horizontal gene transfer and expressed anti-holin in our cells.