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This is our diary page which records the daily activities of the team. Click on the links below to see a summary of events and activities happening each week.

Week 11: 12th September to 18th September

Monday, 12th September

Si performed the data analysis for auxin expression data and did the modelling for collaboration. Nina finished the data fitting and edited the auxin expression module on wiki. Yuanwei was working on the diagram for modules and gene guard animation. Rebekka did lots of works on imaging and image processing. Ming prepared auxin concentration for watering plants and the root experiment with lower concentration. He also edited registry. Nikki analysed the data with Si, prepared salwoski assay, worked registry. Chris digested everything today, run the gel and did the gel extraction. Frank run the protein gel, he also spoke to George Freeman, who is the member of Parliament.

Tuesday, 13th September

As the deadline for wiki freeze is approaching everyone is suddenly way more productive than before, or is it just the coffee? Anyway Si was communicating with CSIR-WITS team in South Africa and she was finalising collaboration page. She also made a video for modelling and learnt how to use ImageJ and related plug ins to analyze videos that Nick will provide her from observation of chemotaxis under the widefield microscope. You have three guesses to tell what Nick was doing. Yes, he was working on the chemotaxis observation with widefield microscope. Nina was redoing any images on the wiki and also she was getting the modelling part for auxin into shape. Chris was mostly ligating stuff into pSB1C3 as any pieces we want to submit have to be in that vector. Rebekka and Nikki went to talk to the people from a charity, which operates in India to prevent desertification by planting accacia trees. A lot of good ideas were exchanged. Nina redid images, begin to write up modelling on wiki, Yuanwei was working on the wiki again. He finished gene guard animation and was working on the finalisation of the template for the wiki. Frank was working on the heat stability assay to observe the effect of temperature on the funcioning of the reporter genes sfGFP and Dendra2.

Wednesday, 14th September

Since we decided to put an internal deadline for the wiki, today was an intensely intense day. Everyone was assigned pages to be in charge of. Rebekka had great success with confocal producing a really clear image of GFP bacteria inside the roots, which you can see on the Phyto-Route overview page. Nick had a long session on wide field microscope. Everyone was really in the zone today, whether doing wiki writing or wet lab. The funnest part of the day was recording Chris' short story play write for radio iGEM, because we sound ridiculous...

Thursday, 15th September

Today we were all manically working away on making the wiki look pretty. Chris prepared for his HPLC experiment. Nick had another go at the wide field, this time producing better images. Rebekka did some more imaging. Ming was working on the Registry. Our modellers were working on the wiki and Yuanwei redesigned some pages.

Friday, 16th September