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Team: British Columbia -

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, one of the world's most spectacular cities, is renowned for its incomparable natural beauty and cultural diversity. For thousands of years the Coast Salish people have called the area home. Their history and traditions, upholding a deep respect for nature and humanity, are tightly woven into the city's cultural fabric. Today, Vancouver's cosmopolitan appeal can be attributed to its international population. As a world-class city, Vancouver continues to draw the world's great nations together in a celebration of human spirit and achievement.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia, established in 1908, educates a student population of 50,000 and holds an international reputation for excellence in advanced research and learning. UBC has a spectacular campus that is a 'must-see' for any visitor to the city, where snow-capped mountains meet ocean, and breathtaking vistas greet you around every corner. The campus boasts some of the city's best attractions and recreation facilities, including the Museum of Anthropology, the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, the UBC Botanical Garden and forested trails in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Michael Smith Laboratories

In 1987, the University of British Columbia founded Canada's first interdisciplinary biotechnology unit. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Michael Smith, the Michael Smith Laboratories was created and a gifted team of young scientists were recruited. The MSL places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary interaction and has approximately 250 research personnel in molecular genetics, fermentation and bio-process engineering, plant and forestry genetics and bioinformatics. Awards from prestigious national and international organizations continually recognize the faculty for their excellence.

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