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The role of each team member of the 2011 UBC iGEM team is described on this page under our individual profiles on our team page. Our team has worked diligently on not only wet lab, modeling and outreach components of the project, but also on seeking out funding and other resources for our research.

We are exceedingly grateful to our faculty advisors who have provided us with valuable guidance and insight. Members of the labs of Phil Hieter, Joerg Bohlmann, Brian Ellis and Leonard Foster have also helped to mentor the team, guide them through protocols and provide important resources for our experiments.

For our wet lab work, we thank Dr. Chris Keeling who not only provided us with the original monoterpene synthase genes but has also been very dedicated in teaching us how to assay monoterpene synthesis. We acknowledge Dr. Katrin Geisler and Dr. Anne Caniard for their patience and help with diterpene production in yeast and data analysis.

In addition, we would like to acknowledge that our GC-MS data was generated by Lina Madilao from the Wine Research Centre, who was patient and kind in guiding several team members through the data analysis.

Human Practices Collaborators

Dr. Catherine Anderson from The Future Science Leaders program at Science World for allowing us to present to the bright young students and share our passion for Science with them.

We would like to thank the following experts for sharing their insights regarding releasing synthetic organisms into the wild:

Dr. Allan Carroll, Associate Professor, UBC Department of Forest Sciences, Insect ecologist

Dr. Julian Davies, distinguished Professor Emeritus, UBC Microbiology and Immunology department

Dr. Brian Ellis, Professor, UBC Botany, Land and Food Systems (Plant Science)

Dr. Andre Marziali, director of Engineering Physics, Associate Professor, Biophysics Associate at UBC, Michael Smith Labs, Platform Director of GenomeBC Technology Development

Dr. William Mohn, Professor, UBC Department of Microbiology & Immunology

Dr. Andrew Riseman, Associate Professor, Applied Biology and Plant Breeding

Dr. Hennie J. J. van Vuuren, Professor and Eagles Chair in Food Biotechnology, Director of the Wine Research Centre, Associate Member, Michael Smith Laboratories

Dr. J.P. Heale, Associate Director of the University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO) at The University of British Columbia.

Dr. Jon Nakane, Engineering Physics Lab Manager and coordinator for the undergraduate robotics course (PHYS 253) at the University of British Columbia.



The Michael Smith Laboratories, particularly the laboratories of Dr. Brian Ellis and Dr. Joerg Bohlmann who hosted us in their laboratory space.

The Education Facilities at the Michael Smith Laboratories who provided us with our laboratory materials & supplies and who hosted a training workshop for our iGEM team.

The UBC Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering who supported our iGEM registration fees.

The UBC Engineering Physics Program who supported our travel to the iGEM Jamboree.

Support for UBC students through the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund and Service Canada.

The Department of Botany and the Office of the Dean in the Faculty of Science who supported our travel to the iGEM Jamborees.

Dr. Antonios Makris from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania's Department of Natural Products and Biotechnology in Greece who gave us the IDI1 and HMG2 (K6R) metabolic genes and related constructs.

Dr. Marc Fischer from the Agron National Institute of Research at the University of Strasbourg, in France, who provided us with the erg20 and erg20-2 metabolic genes.

Dr. Jerry Maedel from UBC Forestry and Adrian Walton from the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations for directing us to the sources of the MPB distribution data.