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Team: British Columbia -

Graduate Advisors

Alina Chan
I am a PhD student in the Hieter lab utilizing yeast as a model eukaryote to study the connection between chromosomal instability and RNA processing. This is my second year with the UBC iGEM team and I'm super excited that the team is using yeast to produce monoterpenes. My main wet lab role is to train team members in the art of working with yeast and help with general troubleshooting, experimental design and wiki design. I also advise the modeling and human practices sub-teams by helping them set objectives and integrate our wet lab experience into the models and outreach. Additionally, I'm responsible for the yeastie comics and xtranormal videos on the wiki. Boston, here we come!
Rafael Saer
I am a PhD student in the Beatty lab, studying the ramifications of aliphatic side chain mutations on the rate of primary electron transfer events in bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers. This is my second year being a Graduate advisor for iGEM. My purpose in the team is to provide advice during the meetings as well as troubleshooting assistance to any wet lab issues that may arise. I often find myself being a gopher for sundry reagents and buffers that the iGEM team may require. I enjoy hiking, biking, reading, video games, and a nice pint of good beer.
  We have also received modeling advice from:
Shing Hei Zhan
I am a first-year PhD student at the BC Genome Sciences Centre studying cancer genomics and C. elegans genetics. I participated in iGEM 2010 as an undergraduate team member, modeling the response of a bacterial biofilm to a biofilm-degrading phage. This year, I have returned as an Advisor for the modeling team. Vergil's Aeneid is my favorite verse.

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Joanne Fox
Michael Smith Laboratories and Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Leonard Foster
Centre for High Throughput Biology and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Phil Hieter
Michael Smith Laboratories and Department of Medical Genetics

Dr. Joerg Bohlmann
Michael Smith Laboratories and Departments of Forest Science and Botany

Dr. Chris Keeling
Michael Smith Laboratories
We have also received help from: Dr. Eric Lagally, Dr. Colette Breuil and Dr. Scott Digustini

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