Thursday, July 21


Tube Prep

Each tube contained 8 mL of LB broth and 8 µL of concentrated amphicillin 1000x. In addition, each tube contained a single colony. Each chosen colony was not near any other colonies to preserve diversity.

These tubes were from the Promoter Plate

  • P1
  • P2
  • P3
  • P4

These tubes were from the Terminator Plate

  • T1
  • T2
  • T3
  • T4

These tubes were from the Ribosome Binding Site Plate

  • R1
  • R2
  • R3
  • R4


The tubes were placed in the incubator at 4:21 PM at 31 Celsius and 135 RPM. They should be removed in 24 hours, at 4:21 PM Friday.

Dilution of 7-14-11 PCR products from lanes 1B,2B,4B, 5A, and 5B

5.0 µl PCR reserved Product
12.5 µl 10x Buffer
107.5 µl Nuclease free water
125.0 µl Total

--TravisCR 20:27, 21 July 2011 (CDT) Team:Baltimore/Notebook