DNA Sequencing

  1. Add 10uL of miniprep DNA to an PCR Strip Tubes. The only labels on the Tube should be JS01 ... JSXX (depending on the number of samples)
  2. Go to Genewiz Customer Login
  3. Click Place and order --> Create sequencing order
  4. Click Same Day --> Online Form --> Pre-Defined --> Enter # of Samples and then Create New Form
    1. Enter your DNA Name (make sure it is not redundant and in order of wells you are submitting)
    2. DNA TYpe --> "Plasmid" (click the Type button to autofill the rest, same for all others)
    3. DNA Length --> "6-10kb"
    4. DNA Conc --> "50" (even if this is not true... thats ok)
    5. Primer Name --> "VF2_iGEM" or "VR_iGEM" (if you want forward or reverse, respectively)
    6. type "Primers are stored at GENEWIZ" in the comment area
    7. Click Save and Next
  5. Print out receipt (Send to an advisor and we can print it out) and place labeled samples (JS01 ... JSXX) and order sheet in a Plastic Bag and then DropBox
  6. When sequencing is completed you can view the results by logging in going to the appropriate link under "Recent Orders" on the lower right side of the screen