Americas Regional Jamboree

We had a lot of fun at the Americas Regional Jamboree! It was an action packed weekend filled with great talks, posters and people, and overall lots of thought-provoking science. It was amazing to see the diversity of projects presented, as well as the immense amount of work that was completed by all teams over the course of the summer. Many thanks to iGEM and IBE for hosting the jamboree, as well as to all of the judges and coordinators who put in so many volunteer hours. We are honored to have been chosen as the Americas Regional Grand Champion, and to have our enzyme, that we engineered to break down gluten, named Best New Part, Engineered. We look forward to the opportunity to meet again and experience more of the fantastic iGEM community.

Washington Americas Results.jpg
After the Americas Regional Jamboree we were excited to tell the rest of our teammates about our experience, as only five of us were able to travel to Indianapolis. Thanks to Joe Oh at The Daily for this team picture.