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  • Full name: Lam Ka Hei
  • English nickname: Allen
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Human Practices, Supportive Lab Work

I am a year 2 student of Biochemistry at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is my pleasure to take part in iGEM competition. Through this competition, I have a glimpse of what synthetic biology is, which I found it very interesting and new because it is about delving into Biology with the engineering perspective. What is more is that I enjoy being in our team because my teammates are very nice and tolerant. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing squash and chatting with my friends. I hope that through our hard work these days, we can draw peoples’ attention on the development of the science field in Hong Kong to pursue the truth of nature and our world. I look forward to the iGEM competition ahead and of its great success.

  • Full name: Choi Kwok Ho, Andrew
  • English nickname: Andrew
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Biobricks Characterization, Poster Content

I was a year 1 student from the Life Sciences programme at CUHK when I joined the team and have recently entered my second year of study. I am studying Biochemistry at the moment. I am interested in everything about the biological world. I enjoy watching documentaries via TV channels at home. I also love listening to pop music, sleeping and dreaming at leisure. IGEM offers me a chance to better understand the scientific world and a chance to broaden my horizon. I have learned a lot about synthetic biology which is an emerging Science and have got much chance to practice the wet-lab techniques that I learned. I strongly believe that the experience accumulated will help in the pursuit of my career. I have had a wonderful time working in the team and I am glad to be one of the members. Hope we can get a fruitful result!

  • Full name: Lau Pak Ho
  • English Nickname: Angus
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Molecular Cloning, Poster Content

Hello guys! I am Angus, a bachelor student of Biochemistry in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am glad to join the iGEM this year. It let me know more about synthetic biology which is a field that I didn’t know well before. It also gives me a great opportunity to participate in such an international scientific event as an undergraduate. From coming up the ideas of the project to wet-lab, and any challenges that we have ever met, I really learn many things and enjoy them. In the coming months, I hope our team can keep holding on to strive for our goal, to join the world championship jamboree.

  • Full name: Pun Chun Wing
  • English nickname: Carl
  • Programme of study: Electronic Engineering
  • Contributions: Modeling, Nano Electrode Fabrication and Characterization, Power Management

Hi Hi Everyone! My name is Carl. I am from Electronic Engineering of CUHK. I am mainly responsible for the modeling of the team. I love learning languages, sports, music especially the classic one. I am glad to join igem team this year. My dream is contributing my gifts for a better world. Finally, I would like to thank all the cuhk igem members for their Attribution and Contributions for this project.

  • Full name: Chan Sin Hang
  • English nickname: Cherry
  • Programme of study: Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • Contributions: Human Practices, Supportive Lab Work

I am a bachelor student of the Food nutrition and science. Being one of the members of CUHK iGEM, I am very impressed by the board daily applications of the synthetic biology. I play the squash and the piano at my leisure time. After joining the iGEM competition, my interest in science is definitely enhanced and I would put more eyes on the applications of the synthetic biology surrounding us.

  • Full name: Chong Chi Ho
  • English nickname: Chong
  • Programme of study: Biology
  • Contributions: Molecular Cloning, Poster Content

I am a year 1 undergraduate majoring in biology. Though learning human biology, I am really interested in molecular and synthetic biology and that’s the reason why I join the CUHK team. Besides daily wetlab work, I enjoy playing basketball or squash with my teammates. Joining the IGEM competition is by far the greatest experience I have during my rookie year in CUHK and I am looking forward to next year IGEM.

  • Full name: Chung Hon Fai
  • English nickname: Eric
  • Programme of study: Molecular Biotechnology
  • Contributions: Molecular Cloning, Poster Content

Hi, everyone, I am Eric. I am a year one student with my major in Molecular Biotechnology. As I plan to do research in the future, iGEM can give me a glimpse on how research is done. iGEM can provide a platform for us to form new ideas between fellow undergraduates teammates from different educational background, such as from engineering students. Also, this is a great opportunity for me to gain knowledge from postgraduate students.

  • Full name: Chan Ho Ching
  • English nickname: Gordon
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Biobricks Characterization (Group Leader), Nano Electrode Charaterization, Wiki Content

Hi. I’m Gordon, a year 2 undergraduate student of Biochemistry at CUHK. Since I was a child I was fascinated by numerous amazing scientific discoveries and inventions. Science has always been my favorite subject and the idea of participating in a scientific competition is very appealing to me. iGEM is a golden opportunity for me to learn stuff outside the school’s curriculum such as wet-lab, writing, leadership, social, statistical analysis and presentation skills. The workload can be quite high but it was a worthy experience since iGEM helps to develop my perseverance. It is thrilling to use state-of-the-art instruments that are seldom used by undergraduate students. I’m looking forward to seeing other cool stuff by other teams and that the biobricks will one day contribute to the society.

  • Full name: Hau Irons Tak Yan
  • English nickname: II
  • Programme of study: Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • Contributions: Secretary, Fundraising, Supportive Lab Work

iGEM offers me opportunities to explore life sciences in a practical basis, in particularly on wet-lab technique and integration between life sciences and engineering. This is so much more fun than just reading textbook to learn. And it is a precious chance for me to know and work with people from different discipline. Enjoy going to chinese restaurant with teammates during lunch break too.

  • Full name: Chu Po Yi
  • English nickname: Irene
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Graphic Design, Supportive Lab Work, Team Promotion

Hi everyone. I’m a second-year biochemistry student at CUHK. I studied biochemistry because I love looking into small things to see how a large system works. I was at first attracted by IGEM’s idea to allow us to develop our own project and share interesting research topics with university students around the world and joined IGEM 2011. It’s also very interesting to be able to manipulate the bacteria to do what we ask them to do. Can’t wait to meet teams around the world at the Jamboree to know about their results!

  • Full name: Lai Ho Chun
  • English nickname: John
  • Programme of study: Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Contributions: Molecular Cloning, Supportive Lab Work

Hi, I'm John Lai form the CUHK igem team. I'm a Cell & molecular biology year 2 student. This subject is kinda new in CUHK, I'm the only CMB student in the igem team, hope there would be more next year. One day Gordon Chan asked me “Do you want fame in your undergradutate life?”. And that's how I end up in the igem team. And my idea of using halorodophsin was finally accepted in this year's CUHK igem team. Basically I'm interest about everything revolving around how science makes people live better – Engineering, technologies, ergonomic, you name it!

  • Full name: Tse Ka Hong
  • English nickname: Kelvin
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Molecular Cloning (Group Leader), Human Practices, Wiki Content

I am Kelvin Tse from the CUHK iGEM team 2011. I am a year two student. I join iGEM simply because I want to learn more about Synthetic Biology and have some experience in doing scientific research projects. In the summer gone, I enjoyed the time being with my teammates to perform different experiments to prove and realize our ideas.

  • Full name: Mo Siu Kwok
  • English nickname: Carloy
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Human Practices, Molecular Cloning, Wiki Content

Thus far, I am kind of proud of myself, as a CUHK iGEM team member, as I can work with such a group of brilliant yet friendly guys. What I have gained in this competition not only include some advanced knowledge or technique, but a precious friendship. I would like to take this chance to say thank to all the CUHK iGEM team members, as well as the instructors, without you guys, this project achieve this far.

  • Full name: Ngai Ho
  • English nickname: Brandon
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Team Leader, Fundraising, Human Practices, Molecular Cloning, Wiki Content

Welcome to this page and I bet you must be a fan of us to come this far lol. I’m Brandon, a year 2 student studying Biochemistry in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is great that I have the opportunity to lead this team. Personally, I’m interested in science, sports, music etc. What’s more, I enjoy making friends and working as a team in which iGEM did give me the chance to do so. Finally, hope that the CUHK iGEM team will achieve a great result this year and to all other participants, enjoy and share happiness!

  • Full name: Yeung Po Ling
  • English nickname: Pauline
  • Programme of study: Biology
  • Contributions: Biobricks Characterization, Human Practices, Team Promotion

Hi~ It’s King Pauline speaking XD I’m currently a second year Biology student at Chinese University of Hong Kong. You know what, I’ve been falling in love with Biology since I studied in high school. With this passion, you definitely urge to not only know as much corresponding knowledge as you can through taking courses or reading, but also equip yourself with various practical experiences for bring your creations from mind to your everyday life in the future! Igem, for sure, gives me a chance to learn to put theory into practice. With the guidance of professors, instructors and supports from our teammates, I’ve really learnt a lot! What I can say is this is one of a valuable experience I’ve ever had. Thanks everyone. :)

  • Full name: Wong Lai Hung
  • English nickname: Sally
  • Programme of study: Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • Contributions: Biobricks Characterization, Human Practices, Team Promotion

Hi! I am sally, a year 2 student studying Food and Nutritional Sciences. It is my pleasure to be one of the participants in the iGEM competition this year. I remember that at the beginning, the term “Synthetic biology” is not familiar to me, what I know about synthetic biology is that it is a combination of biology and engineering. Thanks to this competition, my knowledge of synthetic biology is now enriched. Moreover, this competition gives me a precious chance to learn lots of wet-lab technique and more importantly, gives me an opportunity to meet and work with my nice teammates! The iGEM competition will begin soon and I am looking forward to meeting all the teams from around the world.

  • Full name: Lo Wing Sum, Sam
  • nick: EHCX-* ( ;
  • Programme of study: Electronic Engineering
  • Contributions: Modeling, Power management, Wiki Content

This is (not an email address actually). The power management circuit that was built easily didn't pass endurance testing (we charged the supercap overnight and its voltage still stayed flat on some low voltage=.=", the reason is that the metal clamps are faulty and they just went off or lose contact over some time, and that was frustrating since we took weeks to isolate the problem=.=). Nevertheless, I enjoy being in the team and tackling problems with helpful hints from instructors. The fun of this competition is that even though deadlines were tight and it seemed lots of things are yet to be done, we still be able to keep everything in check.

  • Full name: Sung Hoi
  • English nickname: Sunny
  • Programme of study: Chemistry
  • Contributions: Financial Secretary, Fabrication and Characterization of Nano Electrode, Fundraising, Modeling, Supportive Lab Work, Wiki Design

I am glad to join the competition for the second time. iGEM is still as fascinating as I joined first time. Its inter-disciplinary nature captures my heart. Where else can we see programmers learn to do wetlab and vice versa besides iGEM? In iGEM I learnt a lot of knowledge that goes far beyond my major, chemistry. iGEM also made me tougher. Doing lab work is tedious yet it is so rewarding when I get nice data.

  • Full name: Hoi Ian Tong
  • English nickname: Vicki
  • Programme of study: Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • Contributions: Graphic Design, Name Card Design, Poster Design, Wiki Design

Hello. I am a year 2 student, contributing in the Food and Nutritional Sciences major (as i love eating! :D). As a bachelor student, I'd like to widen my experiences and broaden my horizons. Being a member of the CUHK iGEM team, I learnt a lot more than just reading books. This competition enables me to know more about synthetic biology and get deeper into the science field. Being involved in this team is not only working and learning, but it brings me friendship as well. It is much fun working with people in this team.

  • Full name: Wang Zuo
  • English nickname: ZUO
  • Programme of study: Computer Science
  • Contributions: Wiki (Person-in-Charge), Wiki Design, Modeling

Enjoy sleeping Enthusiast (NOT GEEK) in everything about Computer

  • Full name: Lam Kai Hon
  • English nickname: Wayne LK
  • Programme of study: Biochemistry
  • Contributions: Poster (Person-in-Charge), Molecular Cloning, Poster Content, Wiki Content

My name's Wayne. =] I'm a year two student contributing in the major of biochemistry in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is my pleasure to be one of the team members of the iGEM team this year. Being involved in this competition is fun and excited. I'm looking forward to meeting other teams in the Jamboree. Yeah!

  • Full name: So Ka Yan
  • English nickname: Winnie
  • Programme of study: Biomedical Engineering
  • Contributions: 3D Animation Design, Graphic Design, Human Practices, Modeling

Hi, I am Winnie, a year 2 student of Biomedical Engineering at CUHK. As a member of the modeling team, it is hard but fun experience of applying engineering knowledge to synthetic biology. In the iGEM project, I managed to draw 3D animations with the uncontrollable Autodesk Maya, the software used for the movie Avatar. In the future, I aim to produce a 3D Bio-fiction movie. I am a person that enjoys the exuberance liveliness of student life and have a deep interest in vulgar poems. If you regard me as a graceful and quiet lady, you are wrongly mistaken.

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things." - Theodore Levitt

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