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The project ChloriColight focuses on a light-driven ion pump, halorhodopsin. The CUHK iGEM team 2011 has successfully cloned the gene coding for this ion pump and registered a new part. Effort to relate and integrate light, ion concentration and gene expression level in a system quantitatively is unprecedented. The characterization of the part provides sound evidence and solid foundation for various applications.

About iGEM

The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition is a high-profile competition for undergraduates worldwide. Participants conduct research in synthetic biology throughout the summer. One purpose of the competition is to develop genes into standard parts and put them into the collection of part registry. By sharing these “Biobricks” through the part registry, different functional biological systems can be achieved. iGEM is a competition filled with innovation, teamwork, collaboration and public outreach.

Human Practice


Best New BioBrick Part, Natural, Asia Jamboree

Best BioBrick Measurement Approach, Asia Jamboree

Gold Medal, Asia Jamboree

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