Alternative Fuel Report

Despite being innovative, biofuels may pose ethical dilemmas. Our alternative fuel report outlines many of the arguments both for or against increased biofuel use and development and how our approach to biodiesel synthesis resolves these issues.

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Cost Analysis

Synthetic biology has allowed us to make biodiesel synthesis more cost-efficient, providing notable savings to the everyday consumer. See our number-crunching in action on our cost analysis page.

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Bioreactor Design

Science is only useful if it can be applied for practical purposes. Team Alberta's bioreactor design promises to be a feasible option for incorporating our biodiesel production into communities. Check out the steps we completed in the design of this apparatus on our bioreactor design page.

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Governmental Involvement

Public awareness is important; but, the real power for change lies with elected government officials. Team Alberta reached out to several politicians and met with three prominent government officials to discuss the future of fuel in our communities. Learn more on our governmental involvement page.

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We're famous! Team Alberta submitted an abstract for publishing, which was subsequently accepted, to the Eureka Undergraduate Science Research Journal. See our road to academic publication on our Eureka page.

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Team Alberta helped others discover the fun of genetics and the potential of synthetic biology! Summer camps and high school research programs both visited the Team Alberta lab over the summer. View our show-and-tell skills on our mentorship page.

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Learning is best when surrounded by those with similar interests. Find out more about the workshops and conferences Team Alberta attended throughout the summer on our conferences page.

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