Team Alberta is committed to the continued advancement of synthetic biology. In addition to sharing our project with the public through community outreach initiatives, Team Alberta made a notable effort to share our project with the local academic community prior to the iGEM competition itself. Our team composed and submitted a project abstract for publication to the University of Alberta Undergraduate Research Journal, Eureka.

Eureka is both a student-founded and student-run initiative at the University of Alberta whose mission is to promote world-class undergraduate research conducted throughout the Faculty of Science. The journal was founded with the hopes of engaging undergraduate researchers in academic publication as most undergraduate students have limited opportunities to experience the publication process as part of their scientific education.

Submitting an abstract for publication to this journal provided us with the invaluable experience of proceeding through a peer-review process of our work. For some of us, it was our first opportunity to submit a piece of scientific work for publication.

With minor revisions, the abstract that we had submitted was subsequently accepted for publication and the piece will appear in the upcoming fall issue of the journal.

For more information about the Eureka Journal and its initiatives to enhance undergraduate research experiences please visit