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Team Queens Canada - Project Video
August 14, 2011
Team Queens Canada - Project Video

Team Queens Canada has a video up describing their project, find out about their project engineering C. elegans for bioremediation.

Team Colombia - Project Video
August 8, 2011
Team Colombia - Project Video

Team Colombia has a video up describing their project, find out about their project on using bacteria mediated biocontrol for phytopathogens.

Team Freiburg - Lab in a Cell Video
August 1, 2011
Team Freiburg - Lab in a Cell Video

Team Freiburg has a video up describing their project, find out about their Lab in a Cell project.

Team Sevilla - iGEM Logicians
July 26, 2011

Team Sevilla has created a facebook group for iGEM teams whose projects are related to logical behavior or logic circuits. Join, share your progress, and help each other out!

Team Fatih Turkey - Canvas Town Game
July 25, 2011

Team Fatih_Turkey has designed a Monopoly-like Synthetic Biology board game called "Canvas Town" to educate people about BioBricks, organisms, techniques and devices used in a synthetic biology lab. They are also planning on sending sets out to the Regional Jamborees to create a tournament, with finalists playing at the World Jamboree. Check their wiki out for updates, pictures and rules.

Team UANL Mty-Mexico - iGEM Lighters
July 25, 2011

Team UANL_Mty-Mexico has created a facebook group for iGEM Teams working on light based projects. They're inviting all iGEM "light teams" to join, communicate and collaborate and improve upon light induction systems.

Team Edinburgh - Wiki Watch
July 23, 2011

Team Edinburgh has put together a project summary page for all iGEM team projects. Check out their Wiki Watch page to see what fellow iGEMers are working on.

Team Dundee - DNA App
July 22, 2011

Team Dundee has created a DNA app that can be found on their wiki. They've also turned it into an Android app

Team KULeuven - Social Media Overview
July 21, 2011

Team KULeuven has kindly put together a social media overview page on their wiki. Keep yourself updated on how teams are progressing through: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr. If you'd like to add yourself to their list, contact them through twitter (@KULeuven_iGEM) or facebook (KULeuven_iGEM).

iGEM Community Videos
July 21, 2011
iGEM Community Videos

Are you an iGEM team, lab, or sponsor? If you have a video that you would like to share with the community send us an email to hq (at) igem . org. We'll add it to our community videos page.

  • Tell us who you would like the video to be attributed to: your iGEM team, your actors, etc.
  • All videos should have a Creative Commons Attribution license at the very least.
  • Provide a description and any resources that would go well with your video
  • We prefer that videos be uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube as quality tends to be good and embedding is easy.