We're done

Posted by Pablo Camino 20/09/2011

After several intense months of work preparing this project very hopefully, finally we have finished Arcanum Project's wiki development and this is the result. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed doing it.

We would like you to visit all our sections and if you have any inquiries, you can also be in contact with us by facebook, twitter or mail. We will be happy answering your questions or taking your suggestions into account.

See you soon!

Parts submitted

Posted by Elena Moreno 20/09/2011

Our parts are on their way to the MIT, accross the Atlantic ocean! Hope they have a nice trip and get there in good conditions. We wish we could've sent many exotic new biobricks, but ligations didn't go as well as expected, so we're finally sending three parts, and only one of them is in pSB1C3. Anyway, here you have a summary:

K514000: F2620 has been ligated to I732019 so that our cells can express lacZ when they detect C6-3-oxo-HSL (the quorum sensing signal produced by luxI). This way they would turn blue in an XGal-agar plate or turn yellow a liquid medium with ONPG, that's how we've tested them.


K514001: we've built a signal transductor with F2620 and C0070. The total construction is F2620+B0034+C0070+B0015, but sadly we weren't able to insert it in pSB1C3, so it's in a plasmid with kanamicine resistance. This part would detect C6-3-oxo-HSL and produce C4-HSL in response.


K514002: it's a composition of J23119 + I1466 + R0071 in pSB1A2. It works as a receptor for C4-HSL (the quorum sensing signal produced bu RhlI) and activates a specific promotor behind which you can place any gene you want to express conditionally.


If you want more information don't hesitate to contact us. There will be more information in the parts registry, but we're still working on it :)

The Team

Posted by Roberto Martín 27/07/2011

We've almost finished the section "The Team" of our wiki. We are working on each member's pictures right now, so you just have to wait until all the photos are edited and uploaded.

As you can see, the section is divided into four categories: Students, Instructors, Advisors and Mascot) and in each section every member has 3 photos, some of which are quite...different. Enjoy them! Follow this link to see it!

Our goal

Posted by Roberto Martín 25/06/2011

We are going to build circuits based on collections of different bacteria strains, where each strain works as a logic gate. A logic gate is the basic component of an electronic circuit, such as AND, OR or XOR, and it exchanges information with the others. Combining the correct strains and using certain chemical substances as system inputs we can manipulate a bacterial community into performing complex functions.

To achieve our goal we are going to define a standard of programming modularized biological circuits, where a community of bacteria -from different but interconnected strains- form a physically independent module. Combining different modules in this way makes it possible to recycle strains and substances. To implement this system, the key is to standardise the inter-modular communication substances. This is exactly what we are going to do: we are going to define a substance, which we have named the Ubbit Standard (from Universal BioBit), that will be the element of communication between modules. Just like that, any research group could use the modules created by any other group and combine them with their own without the necessity of knowing how it internally works, just by using the Ubbit standard.

Arcanum News

Posted by Roberto Martín 27/07/2011

Hi all! I'm glad to announce this new section, we will post events related to our lab, the software we are developing among other things. I hope this section will give you more information about us and about our project, and if you want to contact with us, just send us an email to or follow us in Twitter or look for us in Facebook