Team:TU Munich/human/media


Sueddeutsche Zeitung

In June, we had an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung, one of the most renowned newspapers in Germany. It was published in the 153th issue on the 6th of July 2011. Unfortunatly, we cannot link the article here, since it is currently available for paying subcribers only.


A reporter of on3-radio, the youth section of the bavarian broadcast (Bayrischer Rundfunk), came to our laboratory and made a short interview. They gave us the opportunity to explain our project and what fascinates us about iGEM and synthetic biology. If you can understand German, listen to the podcast on the homepage of on3-radio.


In October the UniSPIEGEL visited us. UniSPIEGEL is part of one of the most renowned magazines in Germany - DER SPIEGEL. They will be featuring iGEM and our project in an article in the middle of November. This way, students of all different majors in Germany will get to know about iGEM. This is really exciting!


On June 5th egoFM featured us in their programm. In the broadcast IntervieJulia Alex, Susan and Nico were interviewed by Julia from egofm and anwered questions concerning iGEM, our project and synthetic biology as well es genetic engineering in general.

There is a small article about the show on the webseite of egoFM and if you do understand german, you can listen to it on Soundcloud:
IntervJulia @ - Genforschung (KW22 2011) by egoFM


On August 22nd, we were guests of the local radio station M94.5. In two 5 minutes live takes Simon and Fabian shortly explained our project and gave some insight into their involvment in the iGEM competition.

The show was broadcasted again on August 23rd and both takes are uploaded to Soundcloud:
Studiogespraech take1 by tumigem Studiogespraech take2 by tumigem

We are featured in an report on about the iGEM Team of the TU Munich and an article on about the German iGEM Teams in gerneral. is a German website, which was initiated by the federal ministry of education and research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung). It serves the purpose of informing and educating the public about current topics in biotechnology. In order to make it understandable for non-scientists, they produce videos which explain principles like enzymes, ion channels and new approaches in molecular medicine in a simple way. We think this is a great idea and are proud to be part of one of their shows.

TUM podcast

Our University, the TU Munich, made a podcast on our project and iGEM. The reporter spend some hours with us in the lab and interviewed us. The podcast will be available from the beginning of November 2011. If you are able to understand German you can find the podcast here.

University Journals

We have been featured in the following university journals of the TUM:

Klopapier (Engineering)

SNiP (Bioscience)

Chemist (Chemistry)