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Welcome to E.XPRESS3D

This year we aim to develop a light-controlled 3D-printer by innovative utilization of optogenetics. As a first step, we want to develop a genetic logical AND-gate sensitive to light of two different wavelengths (e.g. blue and red light). The bacteria are then immobilized in a transparent gel matrix, where they can be precisely actuated when hit by both blue and red light at the same time. If both of these inputs are positive, gene expression is induced. Various different gene products can be expressed using this system.

If you want to learn more about our project, the modeling, our human practice projects or the team, click on the pictures below.

  • Introduction

  • We give a short introduction on the topic and explain how we came up with our idea.

  • Design

  • The functionality of our project is described in a more detailed fashion.

  • Applications

  • This is a short outlook on how our AND-Gate could be used in future applications.

  • Data Page

  • This section gives an overview over the created parts and characterised BioBricks.

  • Results

  • Here you can see an overview over our solid matrix experiments and BioBrick characterisations.

  • Safety

  • All possibly arising questions concerning safety are resolved here.

  • Labbook

  • This is an extensive documentation of our lab work, that also includes our protocols and the lightbox design.

  • Overview

  • This overview depicts the different components of our model.

  • Guide

  • Here we give an explanation on how we derived the equations for our model.

  • Combined Model

  • This shows our modeling results for the complete system.

  • Overview

  • Here you can find a short Introduction to our efforts including our video, comic and book.

  • Media

  • Here we list where we were featured in the media.

  • High Schools

  • This section shows our experiences with students on a high school level.

  • Kindergarten

  • We even visited kids in kindergartens and and gave them an insight into synthetic biology!

  • Overview

  • Here you can discover everything else we did during the iGEM competition. Don't forget to have a look at the pictures!

  • Attributions

  • We show everything that was not done by us.

  • Partners

  • Everybody who helped us is listed here. Big Thanks!

  • Jamboree

  • Find out about our experience at the World Jamboree.

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