Team:TU Munich/extra/attributions



We thank the Chair for Bionanotechnology (Simmel lab) for their grateful accomodation and allocation of labspace, equipment and material as well as know-how.

We thank Dr. Winter (Winter lab) for providing us with a termophilic E. coli strain and Dr. Haslbeck (Buchner lab) who provided us a arabinose inducible lacZ construct which was used for basic tests. Furthermore, we thank Lars Mitschke (Buchner lab) for giving us competent BL21(DE3) cells.

We thank the Voigt Lab (UCSF) for sending us the plasmids on which large parts of our project are based on.

We thank Rainer Wiest and Dimitry Tegunov for digitalising our logo and sketches.

We want to acknowledge GeneArt which synthesized BBa_K568006 for us, since ligation of these parts failed using standard methods.

The wiki uses the following javascript libraries that were not coded by us: jQuery and jQuery UI with the plugins jQuery.EmbedPicasaGallery, jQuery.Easing, jQuery.contentcarousel, jQuery.mousewheel, jQuery.youtubeplaylist, jQuery.getUrlParam, jQuery.ScrollTo and slimbox2.

All work, that has not been explicitly mentioned above, was solely done by the undergraduate (Bachelor/Master in Germany) students of the team.