• To Javier Ávalos for helping us to untangle the tedious web of bureaucracy necessary to have a lab we can call home where we can do our research.
  • To the entire department of Genetics of the faculty of Biology, for their infinite patience towards us, for helping us using those enormous machines, lending us their lab stuff and protocols, and hearing our desperate constant whinings when things went wrong. Special mention to Ana Rincón for letting us borrow her competent cells, and to Meritxell García Quintanilla, who has supported us in most of our crisis.
  • To Debra Milton from Umeå University (Sweden), for giving us ''E.coli'' XL1-blue containing VanMN.
  • To Margarita Salas for kindly giving us her ''B. subtillis'' strain 168.
  • To Alan D. Grossman for his very kind help and for sending us several interesting strains of "B. subtillis" from so far away.
  • To C.Alonso for sending us his strains of ''B. subtillis'' containing some genes of interest for our project.
  • To Fran J. Naranjo for helping us gathering all the materials and chemicals (it would have been a much worse nightmare without him), and for being the one who introduced Ana in our team.
  • To Sally Pattle for supervising all our translations for this wiki and for our official web. Hope she's finally understood some of this scientific stuff after spending so much time struggling to correct our mistakes.
  • To all of those who gave us money through the crowdfunding platform Lanzanos . This wouldn't have been possible without their help.
  • To Antonio Pérez for being our personal designer. Thank's to him we have the amazing logo and the general design of the wiki
  • To Yayo Alcántara for helping us with the formularies of the Tax Office.
  • To E. Takano et al. for sending us his strains of ''S.coelicolor'' containing some genes of interest for our project, and their inspiring works:

    Takano, E., Chakarabrutty, R., Nihira, T., Yamada, Y., and Bibb, MJ. A complex role for the gamma-butyrolactone SCB1 in regulating antibiotic production in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2). Mol Microbiol. (2001) 41(5):1015-1028

    Takano, E., Nihira, T., Hara, Y., Jones, JJ., Gershater, CJL., Yamada, Y., and Bibb, MJ. Purification and structual determination of SCB1, a gamma-butyrolactone that elicits antibiotic production in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2). J Biol Chem . (2000) 275:11010-11016.
  • To Stephen K. Farrand from University of Illinois, for sending us phzR and phzI from P. fluorescens 2-79, contained in E.coli DH5alpha.
  • To Pedro José Galera de la Flor, also known as "Pedro il Matemático", for his decisive collaboration in the development of kinetics equations for the modeling section.
  • Controlling time is something really important in the wet lab. Thanks to C. Viral and their timers we could finish our experiments on time!