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    The team logo itself is transformed from the traditional radiation symbol, twisted into the shape of a surface of an invisible ball. Judging from the appearance, the eyeball-look symbol not only represents the main issue we want to talk about, indicating the nuclear accident happened in Japan, but also reflects the image of the nuclear-detecting E.colis. The ball also holds the shape like a little flower from a particular angle, and tells the story after cleaning the radioactive area, where the flowers blossom again.

    Using the gradient from blue to green, the logo shows its own life like the oceans and the lands. The year and the name of our team is added beneth the symbol.

    The official clothes of our team also take the radiation symbol as a modle, but this time, we only take a small part, a sector, out of it, copying and piling it/them as fish scale. Then, a vivid fish jump out of the paper, and dives into the cloths, swimming upwards and traveling from back to front, with the colors indicating passion and enthusiasm. The team logo also printed on the clothes for visual identification.

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