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    Watch this fantastic vedio we produced and get quickly familiar with our ideas and project.

    There are three main parts in our project. We have realized BACTERIAL MIGRATION with recAp and cheZ gene and CESIUM ABSORPTION with recNp and trkD, and finally, AGGREGATION & RECOVERY with antigen-43.

    The Data Page, Notes and Safety of our experiments are also included in this section.

    Saddened by the nuclear accident happened in Japan, we came up with an idea of the "Nuclear-Leakage Rescueres", which are designed to search and absorb the cesium-137. Find out the abstract and the story behind the whole project.

    We have finished comprehensive human practice, including an iOS app, a board game, a survey and workshop. We focus on finding a scientifically accurate as well as vivid way to introduce SynBio and iGEM to the public.

    Learn more about the members, the university and the Visual Identity of our team. You can contact us through Internet or mail. And we also show our special thanks to those who had helped us with the project.

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