Team:Paris Bettencourt/Protocol the song


Team IGEM Paris 2011

Protocol - the song

During this long and lonesome summer, we felt that sometimes, as if they wanted to embarass us, bacteria were not very keen on being manipulated. It even seemed that they wanted us to fail, stubbornly refusing any kind of transformation, even trying to lure us by messing up our controls. The tricky beasts.

So we did what we could. We tried it again. And again. And again. And again. Relentlessly exhausting all possible protocols, we fought against unwilling E.coli and B.subtilis. Transformation of our constructs will happen, no matter what price we must pay. As of now, I cannot tell you who will prevail yet. But whether Science or Nature wins, I can tell you something. Both sides will have thrown everything they got in the battle.

But then, what about their feelings? How would you react if someone tried to change who you are by sending lightning bolt through you in the name of some electroporation protocol? Sometimes you have to look at the problem through the opponents eyes... If only to beat them later.