Team:NTNU Trondheim/Biobricks


BioBricks taken from kit

Short BioBrick Part number Plasmid Comment
P1rrnB P1 promoterBBa_K112118BBb1 entry vectorContains the rrnB P1 promoter, possibly also junk. Is in BBb format, not BBa, hence not compatible with other parts we are using. Repressible by ppGpp.
lambdaPRlambda pR modBBa_R0051pSB1A2Strong promoter, based on lambda pR, repressible by ci, possibly ppGpp
RFPTetR + p(TetR)+RFPBBa_K092600 pSB1A2RFP inhibited by tetR, RFP produced by neg. Promoter on TetR
LuxTetR + p(TetR)+RFP+luxIBBa_K092700pSB1A2Same as BBa_K092600, but with luxI in addition
lacPlac Promoter (lacI regulated, lambda pL hybrid)BBa_R0011pSB1A2Strong promoter, will be on in strains without lacI, off in strains that are lacIq and medium in strains that are lacI
lacIlacI repressor from E. coli (+LVA)BBa_C0012pSB1A2Coding region for the LacI protein with an LVA degradation tail and without an RBS. The LVA tag has been added for quicker degradation. Incompatible with systems containing LacI, lactose, or IPTG
mCmCherry, bacterial with RBS and forward terminatorBBa_J06702pSB1A2mCherry, bacterial with RBS and forward terminator
lacIlacI repressor with RBSBBa_J24679pSB1A2RBS added to LacI protein coding region
TERMDouble terminatorBBa_B0015pSB1AK3Double terminator, wide usage.
Strong RBS + LacI(LVAtag) + double terminatorBBa_K292006pSB1A2 ?This part contains a strong ribosome binding site, the LacI repressor and a double terminator (BBa_B0030 + BBa_C0012 + BBa_B0014). This brick comes from the BBa_K292005.
GFPGFP(+LVA)BBa_K082003pSB1AK3GFP with degradation LVA tag
RBSRibosome Binding Site (strong)BBa_B0034pSB1A2Varies from -6 to +1 region from original sequence to accomodate BioBricks suffix. Brukes i masse forskjellige constructs
TERM2Double terminatorBBa_B0014pSB1AK3
pBADInducible pBad/araC promoterBBa_I0500pSB2K3pBad is an E. coli promoter that is tightly controlled by:inducer: L-arabinose. Repressor: AraC apparently acts as the repressor.
pBAD2Alternative pBAD/araCBBa_K113009pSB1A2Says BBa_I0050 doesn't work, made new pBAD/AraC
GFP2Alternative GFP without LVA tagBBa_E0040pSB1A2
GFP ssraAlternative GFP with degradation tagBBa_E0044pSB1A3
LacZBeta Lactamase + RBS and double terminatorBBa_I732019BBa_I732950