Team:NTNU Trondheim/Data



Our System

NTNU2011 system.png

Our favorite new parts

  1. Parts registry - Stress sensor, BBa_K639003. The complete fluorescent stress sensor construct.
  2. Parts registry - Stress sensor precursor, BBa_K639000. This brick will yield red colonies as it is. When a promoter is inserted in front of the brick, the red color will disappear or be weaker, due to production of LacI that repress lac-promoter.
  3. Parts registry - rrnB, BBa_K639002. rrnB P1 promoter with standard prefix and suffix in BBa format.

Characterization of Pre-existing Parts

  1. Parts registry - rrnB P1, BBa_K112118. rrnB P1 promoter BioBrick in BBb format made by the Berkley iGEM team in 2008.
  2. Parts registry - LacI repressor, BBa_K292006. LacI repressor that SupBiotech-Paris iGEM team made in 2009.

Other parts

  1. Parts registry - relA, BBa_K639001. relA codes for ppGpp synthase, which has been shown to be useful for regulating the rrnB P1 promoter, mimicking the stringent response when overexpressed.