Team:Arizona State/Lab/Acknowledgements



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Lab Space

Dr. Xiao Wang provided his lab space for us throughout the summer, for which we are endlessly appreciative!

Logo and Tshirt Design

Jake Kupiec and the Communications team in Fulton

Special Thanks

  • ASU President Michael Crowe
  • Dr. William Ditto
  • Deans Paul Johnson and Jim Collofello
  • Juan Padilla, our high school intern
  • Those who gave advice during the formation of our first-year iGEM team:
  • Patrick Yizhi Cai, Johns Hopkins
  • Tom Ellis, Imperial College London
  • ASU labs that contributed materials:
  • Chang Lab, Biodesign Institute
  • Jacobs Lab, Biodesign Institute
  • Woodbury Lab, Biodesign Institute
  • Misra Lab
  • Technical support
  • Boyd Armer
  • Grad students who offered troubleshooting and insight along the way:
  • Kurt Whittemore
  • Jon Weeks
  • Paul Hanavan
  • James Alling
  • David Jackemeyer
  • HoJoon Lee
  • Bo Wang
  • Zachary Schaffer
  • Undergrads who helped begin the iGEM initiative at ASU:
  • Anthony Vaccarello
  • Matthew Barcus
  • Jane Lacson
  • Garrett Frantz

Tribute to Trinette

ASU Trinette.jpg

PCR is hard
Trinette, you are so thermal
Thanks for the fun times