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This year the University of Alberta team, Team Alberta, was composed of seven undergraduate students who represent four departments across our campus. We worked tirelessly in a lab throughout the entire summer, conducting our project and making the ambitious plans that we had set out to complete a reality. Along the way we, gained invaluable experience and had a memorable summer working together.

Each team member's diverse skills, background, and talents were most invaluable to our success. Please click on each student's photo on the right-hand side to learn more about them and to read their submitted biography.

Team Members

Kayla Baretta

I am in my fourth year of a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and my first year of iGEM. I plan on pursuing a career in research and I felt that iGEM would be a unique experience and opportunity to not only meet people from around world, but to also broaden my understanding of science within and outside of the scientific community. When I am not pursuing my studies, I enjoy making cupcakes, reading, playing with my dog, and eating cupcakes.