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Each year iGEM Headquarters holds the iGEM workshops in May and June. In the past these workshops have been held at MIT / Americas region, in Europe, and in Asia. iGEM HQ works with a school or a few schools to provide a venue for these workshops. At these events, instructors from iGEM HQ teach principles of synthetic biology based on standard parts, how to work with the tools, and how to be a successful iGEM team. The workshops are also the first opportunity to meet and get to know members from other iGEM teams.

Over the past several year the iGEM workshops have been increasing in the number of participants as well as in the number of days (much like the iGEM Jamborees). With one workshop event per region, team instructors had only one opportunity to attend. Holding the event over the weekend proved to be an advantage for some, a disadvantage for others. As iGEM grows, it needs more leadership in every part of the world. In addition to Regional Jamborees in 2011, the workshops are a way to encourage and promote organization and participation.

In 2010, several universities submitted proposals to host a workshop in their region. iGEM HQ selected one location per region. For iGEM 2011 we imagine holding 2 or 3 Teachers' Workshops per region. The workshops will be shorter, smaller events. We expect that team instructors will attend to meet and get to know other instructors. There will be some instruction of synthetic biology and iGEM as in past events, but there will also be a lot more discussion and interactive opportunities.

If your group would like to submit a proposal to organize a one-day iGEM Teachers' Workshop at your school, see the requirements below.

Or, if you think we should continue workshops in the same format as in previous years, let us know! (But you are then required to submit a proposal to host the event.)

Teachers' Workshop Proposal Requirements:

  • Venue capacity for about 30-40 attendees
  • Venue availability of 1 full day
  • High-quality, high-speed internet access for all attendees
  • Adequate power supply and power plugs for all attendees
  • Organize a group dinner for all attendees
  • Organize a coordination meeting before event (to meet with iGEM HQ)
  • Coordinate 1 – 2 regional instructors to lead sessions on participating in iGEM in your region, fundraising, local support, etc.
  • Indicate proposed day/date (or range of dates) for the workshop (in May/June)
  • Indicate which regional iGEM teams will take part in the workshop event
  • Indicate how the regional organizing group plans to cover the costs of holding the workshop
  • Detailed budget of costs (see below)
  • Expression of intent emailed to iGEM HQ stating host group's intent to provide an official proposal for hosting the iGEM 2011 Teachers' workshop in their city

Teachers' Workshop Deadlines:

  • Expression of intent (via email to HQ): March 11
  • Written proposal (via email to HQ): March 25

A written proposal must be delivered via email to iGEM HQ by the deadline outlining how the host group(s) will meet all of the requirements above.

Teachers' Workshop Finances:

Host goups will be responsible for financing the workshop events. To get an idea of how much it would cost to hold a workshop, we have included estimated costs to hold a 1-day event in each region, including both local costs and costs due to iGEM HQ. This is a great opportunity for local sponsors to support their regions.

RegionEstimated Local Costs*Costs due to iGEM HQ*

For other locations please contact iGEM HQ.

Note that these costs are estimates and should only be used as a general guideline when planning the regional iGEM 2011 Teachers' Workshops. Each host group is responsible for including a detailed budget in their proposal and outlining how they will finance the event.

(*) Local costs include estimates for, but are not limited to: catering, space, A/V, materials, restaurant dinner for participants. Costs due to iGEM HQ include, but are not limited to: travel, instruction, overheads, etc.

(^) The above costs due to iGEM HQ for Europe and Asia are for one workshop in each region. If there are multiple workshops in each of those two regions, costs due to iGEM HQ would likely decrease as travel costs would be shared between the regional workshop locations.

If you have any questions, contact iGEM HQ. We are willing to work with organizations to help get the best proposals.