Thursday, September 1


Does anyone wish to work today? If so, the lab will be open at 2:00. Please sign in.

We have major deadlines tomorrow. What do you want to do? We still have a place to work, and all of our essential supply and equipment needs can be met.

Our weekly evening meeting will happen at 8:30 pm tonight. Will you be coming? It would be helpful to know, because we are at a major turning point. We need to make final plans about a meeting night. It may be difficult for the meeting night to be "convenient" for everyone. But it sounded like after 8:00 would work on Tues and Thurs for at least 3 Team members.

Has anyone addressed any of the Safety New Questions that we sent to our Team? Basically, they are trying to tell us that our Safety page is so minimal that unless we make significant improvements, it will hold us back from getting a medal. Please indicate if you are working on this.