Thursday, July 14


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I loaded the gel as explained above. Gel electrophoresis G1 (10 lanes of; ladder, control A&B, Rxn 1 A&B, 4 A&B &5 A&B)

Start : 1.55 pm
Stop : 2.55 pm

Voltage : 140 v, 122 Amps

Freshened the ethidium bromide by putting the 100 micro liter (.1 gm/10ml of di water). Ethidium bromide was kept foiled and kept in dark freezer.

Rocking started at 3.00pm took off at 4.07pm and photographed it.

Gel electrophoresis G2 (4 lanes of; ladder, Rxn 2 A&B, and 3 A&B)

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Ladder Rxn 2B 3A 3B 6 micro ltr 2A

Started : 3.00pm Stopped : 4.15 pm Rocker start: 4.25 pm Took a picture of the gel.

For digestion of the PCR product Digestion did for 4A, 3A & 3B

40 micro ltr of the PCR product and 1 micro ltr of Dpn1 and vortex it. Kept it in hot bath at temp 37 oC for 60 mins. Started at : 9 pm