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The Wits-CSIR 2011 iGEM team was proudly sponsored by:

The Wits-CSIR 2011 iGEM team would like to thank all the above sponsors for their generous financial contributions, which lightened the team’s financial burden thus allowing them to focus their attention on the project. Your generosity has inspired the team to help others and give back to the community, through human advances.

We would like to thank Imperial College London for collaborating with us during this competition. We feel that the exchange of information, both for modelling and for laboratory assays, was invaluable.

The Wits_CSIR 2011 iGEM team would like to thank the following advisors and supervisors for their moral and scientific support, especially; the supervisors for leading the team effectively and efficiently in this competitive, fast-paced and ever-changing world of synthetic biology; and Michelle Robinson for her tenacious effort to keep the team on track by assisting the team with implementing time management and organisational skills of the highest calibre.


Karl Rumbold: Organisation of team logistics and fundraising as well as project consultation

Marco Weinberg: Consultation on various aspects of the project throughout the competition and help with fundraising

Musa Mhlanga: Academic and financial assistance from the Synthetic Biology unit at the CSIR

Raymond Sparrow: Continuous moral support and help with raising iGEM awareness through organisation of the Synthetic Biology Forum


Michelle Robinson

Laura Millroy

Youtaro Shibayama

Scott Hazelhurst

Robyn Brackin

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the following people:

Prof Kramer from the Wits faculty of Health Science and Prof Crouch from the the Wits faculty of Science for their continued support of the iGEM team.

Prof Patrick Arbuthnot for access to of the Anti-viral Gene Therapy Research Unit (AGTRU) laboratory facilities.

Prof Theresa Coetzer for the use of Malaria Research Unit (MRU) laboratory space.

Dr Sylvia Fanucchi and Prof Heini Dirr for the use of the Jasco Spectrofluorometer.

David Balchin for his assistance with the Jasco Spectrofluorometer.

Robyn Brackin for all her assistance with the Epi-Fluorescence Microscopy imaging.

Dr Clement Penny for all his help and advice with the Fluorescent microscopy imaging.

The Synthetic Biology Research Unit at the CSIR, for their academic assistance and use of equipment in their lab facilities.

Dr Sonja Lauterbach and Kubendran Naidoo for all their help, advice and care in the lab.

Dr Toru Nakayashiki and Prof Hirotada Mori from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology for their kind donation of the E. coli CheZ deletion mutant and parental strain.

Dr Joy Sinha and Prof Justin Gallivan from Emory University for their time and the invaluable advice on riboswitches and bacterial chemotaxis.