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Welcome to the UT-Tokyo team's wiki for iGEM 2011. If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact us by email or on twitter (@UT_Tokyo), Facebook.

Our Project: SMART E.coli - Self Mustering with Aspartate-Responsive Taxis -

Making bioremediation far more efficient!

Our project, SMART E.coli, aims at making bioremediation more efficient. In situations where the substrate (such as pollutants you want bacteria to collect) is not equally distributed and rather concentrated in particular spots, conventional bioremediation projects are not efficient. To overcome this problem, we attempt to increase the cell density around the substrate by attracting the bacteria to the substrate.

To attain this goal, we designed two mechanisms, chemoattraction using aspartate and cell arrest.

To learn more about our project, please take a look at our Project page on this wiki!

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