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Tornillos y Genes (Screws and Genes) is the first blog about Synthetic Biology written in Spanish. This way, we want to spread the last advances in this discipline to the Spanish speaking people, a huge community formed by 500 million people (ref: List of languages by number of native speakers). Since its start in March, our blog has received more than 13.000 visitors: they could read about topics like the Main Registry of Parts, the Repressilator, standardization, DNA origami and different themes from microbiology and genetics to informatics. Moreover, we tag the different articles with a symbol indicating the (engineering or biological or both) difficulty (from one to three): our aim is to create a blog that everyone can find interesting, so we write some complex articles to experienced people and easy articles that anyone can read.

We plan to maintain this blog beyond the iGEM contest and to carry on with our labor of spreading the knowledge in synthetic biology. If you want to collaborate with this project, do not hesitate to contact us!

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