Team:Missouri Miners/Collaboration



Our team would like to thank '''Vanessa Kaighin''', of the Missouri S&T cDNA Resource Center, for running our sequencing reactions. Vanessa also helped our team troubleshoot and always provided very helpful advice when we needed it.

We would also like to acknowledge the work of '''Fernando Chial''' from Northwest Missouri State University and '''Christy Kwon''' from Truman State University. They both joined our lab and participated in our research efforts over the summer.

The team owes a big Thank You to the Missouri S&T '''Department of Biological Sciences'''. The department was kind enough to provide us with equipment and lab space.

Our iGEM team would also like to thank our advisors, Dr. Dave Westenberg and Dr. Katie Shannon. Our advisors helped the team train new members and provided an endless source of advice for our team.

We would like to thank team Brown-Stanford for letting us use their open-source code for our wiki.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors for financing our research and making this all possible.