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Mr.D -who will cure leukemia-

Leukemia is a serious disease and its remedy has been never found yet. People are afraid of it not only because it is incurable but also it is unpredictable what will happen and when it will happen. Patients have to put up with both of them.
Here we propose the convenient testing kit for leukemia which makes its symptom visible. To accomplish this we are developing leukemia disease models in Drosophila. The usefulness of this kit will be evaluated by characterizing the Drosophila model. This kit may provide a guideline to overcome fear and pain which have not been immeasurable and relieve the fear for leukemia.

Our team, KIT-Kyoto challenges making a leukemia disease model in Drosophila melanogaster. Drosophila is being used as many hereditary disease model because over 70% of known human disease genes have similarities to Drosophila genes.
This year, we focus on a leukemia in which the etiology and the therapy have not been established. We therefore decided to make a leukemia disease model in Drosophila. We insert human leukemia genes into Drosophila genome and also fuse a green fluorescent protein(GFP) with a leukemic protein to monitor its expression in E. coli or Drosophila. We expect that establishing a leukemia disease model in Drosophila will be a first step to determine the etiology and to establish the method of therapy in the future.

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