Attributions & Contributions


  • Designed the experiments
  • Constructed an inducible SPL
  • Developed a model a small RNA regulatory system with two small RNAs
  • Constructed the IG9
  • Analyzed the data
  • Did bioinformatics studies of the system
  • Did the vast majority of the labwork
  • Designed and wrote the wiki

Sebastién Lemire

  • Did the first part of the bioinformatic study.
  • Helped us design the project
  • Supplied us with PCRs of backbones
  • Subcloned PBAD-chiXR and Ptet-chiX into other backbones
  • Helped improve the text on the wiki, especially the Improving AraBAD part.

Bjarne Albrektsen

  • Helped us with, and did many $\beta$-gal assays
  • Purified a number of plasmids for us
  • Provided patient guidance

Christopher Workman

  • Gave input while we developed the model
  • Helped analyzing data from the BioLektor
  • Gave constructive feedback on the wiki

Emmanouil Papadakis

  • Helped set up the BioLektor

Martin Overgaard

  • Supplied the IG302 strain