Today’s world faces numerous environmental problems, natural occurring as well as man-made, ranging from dangerous fungi and pests destroying our farmlands to hazardous pollutants in our water- and airways.

As a solution to these troubles, the Copenhagen iGEM Team introduces CyperMan as a tough response to these sufferings in the world. The CyperMan is a genetically modified Escherichia coli that utilizes the proteins from the family of cytochrome p450s (CYPs) for bioremediation. These exceptional CYPs are found in countless animal- and plant species and come in many different forms, each with unique attributes, but sharing a common functioning mechanism (further details under “project”).

The Copenhagen iGEM team sees great potential for our CyperMans and we believe that they have the potential to be utilized for several causes. For our project we will demonstrate this usage for combating environmental problems by using two different CyperMans to rid our waterways of dangerous estrogen and to purge our farmlands of devastating fungi.

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