The 2011 ArtScienceBangalore is a team of 12, Core Skills (2nd year) Art & Design students from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. Yashas Shetty, the team facilitator, and Aaron Joseph the team advisor, led the team through the project and research along with the help of Alisha Panjwani, Zack Denfeld & Cathrine Kramer . Special thanks to the scientists at National Centre of Biological Sciences (NCBS) – Mukund Thattai, Ashwin Seshasayee and Navneet Rai for helping us out with the experiments and lab work.

Get to know us!:


[ Achala Athreya]

After joining an art school, Achala never imagined herself ever taking part in a science based competition. The recurring field in the second year of her college life inculcated future design inklings. Her interests however, lean towards textiles, photography and theatre. She enjoys tennis and lately is a maniac about yoga.

[ Akshaya Maria Thomas]

Easily recognizable with her wild curly hair, Akshaya is a keen learner and a photographer at heart. She likes experimenting with new methods and techniques. Stationary makes her happy. She enjoys baking and playing chess. She detests clowns and things that crawl.

[ Anvita Goenka]

Anvita never had interest in biology or any kind of science from her school days and decided to try something different and that is how she landed up in Art Science Bangalore. Apart from working on this project, her interests are mythology, catching up with new trends of fashion, experimenting with looks and clothes, food and wildlife.

[ Biswajith Manimaran]

When you say “Bisu”, his obsession with video games, his laptop, and green shirts are a few things that springs to one’s mind. He’s the “go-to” person for explaining the huge scientific terms that most commoners shy away from, and for explaining most technological terms. He’s quite naturally the resident geek of Art Science Bangalore.

[ Damyanti Choudhary]

After the joyful moment of passing her science exam for the first time, Damyanti hasn’t looked back at science as a subject since her 10th grade. Through her years since then, her interests developed in interior design, which also led her to join art school. But now, she contemplates the thoughts of pursuing product design, which also became one of her major interests. She’s loud and very short tempered, but has got the perfect skill for organization and research.

[ Durga Gawde]

Born and raised in an art environment, Durga always knew what her calling was. Science always intrigued her. Although, she hated the way science was taught in the school level her love for science never left her. Igem helped her see new methods of learning, understanding and application. Apart from working on this project, her interests are sports (mainly speed skating), experimenting with photography, listening to powerful music, conversing with different types of people and working out.

[ Madhul Singh]

Madhul spends her time playing computer games and stumbling on StumbleUpon. An avid reader, she has a special fascination for mythology and wildlife. She hopes to pursue both at some point. She also has a fascination for adventure, and climbs a rock-face like a goat, though coming down is a whole different ballgame (she has Vertigo!). She's the first person you go to when you're troubled and the last person you'd want trouble with. Beware!

[ Manasa Thimmiya]

Manasa loves music, and travel. Her love for new things and her passion for communication design are what pushed her to do iGem. She is notorious for her brilliant graphics, her interest in social service, and her laziness.

[ Prakrithy Pradeep]

Prakrithy loves to read (everything and anything, except self-help books - they are just plain "Blah") and makes biryani (a preparation of a one-pot meal with rice and meat, laced with exotic spices) to die for. She spends her free time indulging in writing and photography. She dislikes cockroaches and people eating her chocolate, and indulges in using her (always-carry-with-you) Post-Its for anything and everything.

[ Pranav Raman] Since he was 2(make that 5) Pranav has always been interested in science and its applications. Being an art student he has channelized his attempts at finding a harmonious combination of both science and design. It has always fascinated him how if put together, they can do amazing things. Looking at science through an artist’s point of view has opened up a whole new world to him. He also has a keen interest music, singing, playing the tabla and flute.

[ Sidharta Guha Thakurta]

The “free spirited” one of the team, Sidartha is a born artist who is into expressionist sculpting and painting. He’s enigmatic and has a wild sense of humour and culinary preferences.

[ Sohil Bhatia]

Famous as “safety pin boy” and for his wild and crazy ideas-when it comes to his sense of dressing and lifestyle, Sohil brings the crazy side out in Art Science Bangalore. His work ethic and dedication to any project is influenced by his idol- Lady Gaga. His interests include drama, photography and product design.

Special Thanks

Samuel Rajkumar(Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology) Ajai Narendran(Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology) Waseem Sheikh(Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology) Ramesh Kalkur(Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology) Geetha Narayanan (Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology)

Sujata Goel(Rainforest Retreat, Coorg) Anurag Goel(Rainforest Retreat, Coorg) and Archana Shetty(Rainforest Retreat, Coorg)


ArtScienceBLR is supported by the [ Srishti School of Art,Design and Technology], Bangalore and the [ National Centre for Biological Scienes, Bangalore].