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May 4

  • Discussion of iGEM Project and expectations.
  • Solidifying the genetics, how we plan to accomplish it. Our plan of attack.

May 5

  • Initial growth experiments, using recipe provided by a friendly lab technician from another lab: Glen. Tried growing N. crassa in diced boiled potato and glucose (+) and (-) medium. Experiment postponed until tomorrow due to broken autoclave.
  • Determining exact sequence structure of our genes. Ongoing.

May 6

  • Rethought experimental protocols. First, dice and boil the potatoes. Then, strain the potatoes and either add glucose or leave as is. Autoclave. Stock solutions of N. crassa media.
  • Growth experiments to determine whether N. crassa requires glucose as a carbon source or can grow on just starch. Let flasks with experiments incubate over the weekend (66 hrs. total)
  • Ongoing genetic work. Using NCBI Blast technology, ApE (A Plasmid Editor), Geneious, and combing primary lit. to find relevant sequences. Codon-optimizing for N. crassa already completed.

May 9