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Towson University Institutional Biosafety Committee


Towson University Members Community Members Chair: Barry J Margulies, Ph.D. Richard W. Gilpin, Ph.D., RBP, CBSP, SM Towson U. Dep’t of Biol. (NRCM) Limited-GTS 8000 York Road 2515 Boston Street, Suite 408 Towson, MD 21252-0001 Baltimore, MD 21224-4737 410-704-5019 410-961-6638 bjmarg@alum.mit.edu gilpin@legionella.com www.legionella.com Meghan May, Ph.D. Towson U. Dep’t of Biol. Robert A. McCown, CHSP (Director of Safety) 8000 York Road 1043 Morgan Run Drive Towson, MD 21252-0001 Finksburg, MD 21048 410-704-2623 410-876-0517 mmay@towson.edu Rmccown@lifebridgehealth.org ANIMAL EXPERT

Brian Masters, Ph.D. EHS Representative Towson U. Dep’t of Biol. Richard S. Setzer 8000 York Road Environmental Health & Safety Towson, MD 21252-0001 Towson University 410-704-2035 7400 York Road, Rm. 301A bmasters@towson.edu Towson, MD 21252-0001 410-296-7594 Larry Wimmers, Ph.D. rsetzer@towson.edu Towson U. Dep’t of Biol. 8000 York Road IACUC Representative Towson, MD 21252-0001 Liliana Rao 410-704-2766 University of Maryland, Comparative Medicine lwimmers@towson.edu Veterinary Resource PLANT EXPERT Baltimore, MD 21201 410-706-1545 Matthew Hemm, Ph. D. lrao@vetmed.umaryland.edu Towson U. Dep’t of Biol. 8000 York Road University Research Representative Towson, MD 21252-0001 Mary-Louise Healy 410-704-2996 College of Graduate Studies and Research mhemm@towson.edu Towson University 8000 York Road Michelle Snyder, Ph.D. Towson, MD 21252-0001 Towson U. Dep’t of Biol. 410-704-4931 8000 York Road mhealy@towson.edu Towson, MD 21252-001 (410) 704-4817 msnyder@towson.edu

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