Go to the Software page for more information about the new iGEM Software program.

This iGEM 2011 page will provide information specifically for Software teams in 2011.

If your team is developing software tools, check both these pages for information about requirements for software teams, where to put your software so that it can be used by iGEM teams in future competitions, judging criterion, and possible awards.

When you register your team, please check the box for software teams.

But, what if you have a wetware team and a software team all in one? We suggest that you follow the lead of many other successful schools and register two teams. One for the wetware work and one for the software work. We have found it confusing to the judges when a team tries to present two different activities in one poster and one presentation. Registering a second team will require a second team registration, but will not increase the costs of attending the Jamborees the cost of supporting your teams. Registering two teams will get your students two presentations, two posters, and twice the attention from the judges.