Regions/Judging Committees


iGEM 2010 has a single Jamboree and a single Judging committee. This committee solicits judges for the jamboree and organizes the operation of the judging meetings and oversees the judging process.

In 2011, with the arrival of Regional Jamborees, each region needs to be responsible for finding judges and overseeing its judging processes. Thus, iGEM Headquarters will be creating a Judging Committee for each region. We will ask the current Judging committee to help set up those regional committees and will ask for volunteers for those committees.

It is critical that we still have one iGEM program even though we are making the operation of the program more distributed. The requirement to participate in iGEM will remain consistent across all of the regions. The teams will register with iGEM Headquarters, not the regions. The evaluation criterion awards in the regions will be the same across the regions and at the World Championship Jamboree. Naturally, the regional judging committees will bring new perspectives and will see regional needs that are not now apparent. They will have a voice in the judging criterion through participation with the world judging committee.

Please contact iGEM headquarters with offers to volunteer for these committees or suggestions for how to improve this process.