Calendar of Events

Keep an eye on the iGEM deadlines and check the iGEM 2011 Calendar of Events regularly.

European & African teams

Check out the competition. There are 50 teams registered for the iGEM Regional Jamboree Europe.

Project descriptions

A preliminary team project description should be posted on the wiki by July 15th.

Safety Proposal

All teams are asked to detail how they approached any issues of biological safety associated with their projects. Review and answer the questions required for eligibility in the iGEM 2011 competition by the July 15th. The questions are posed on the iGEM 2011 safety page.
Update your safety page with additional questions by September 2nd.

Registration for the Jamboree

The deadline for submitting an online registration for the iGEM Regional Jamboree is September 2nd. Go to the registration page. Find here more information about the terms and policy of the registration.

Project Abstract

Each iGEM team should submit an abstract of 100-150 words along with your project title (maximum 15 words) by September 2nd. This abstract will be printed in the Jamboree program.

Check out the project abstracts from the European teams here!

Team Roster

Each team should finalize their team roster by September 2nd. Please make sure that you include all members who participated over the summer, not only those who will be attending the Jamboree. Based on the rooster we will create participation certificates. More information on the team rooster is found in the iGEM team Registration Handbook.

Track Selection

The iGEM projects are organized in various categories. Send which final track you would like to select by September 2nd. For a more detailed descriptions of the tracks you can look at the judging criteria page.

Judging form

Teams will be required to submit a judging form that outlines their accomplishments according by September 21th.

DNA submission

iGEM teams are expected to submit their parts to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Consider that all BioBricks for submissions contain the pSB1C3 as a standard backbone. Physical DNA for parts is due before the Jamboree. In addition to submitting your parts, you must also declare which of your parts are "favorites." Judges will only be looking at favorite parts so make sure to promote them before the September 21th deadline. See the DNA submission requirements for more information about the DNA submission process.
Note: Send your samples to iGEM HQ and NOT to iGEM Regional committee.

Wiki Freeze

Wikis will be frozen on September 21 at 11:59 EDT.
The project and parts documentation should then be finished according to the iGEM requirements. This includes the documentation for all medal criteria. What is considered proper documentation is decided by the judging committee and you can find details about proper documentation at the judging page for details.
At October 2nd the wiki's will be unfreezed and you can add more information for the World Championship Jamboree.

Travel Information

Information about traveling to the Netherlands is gathered here.


There are several rooms arranged in hotels close to the Jamboree venue against reduced rates. For taking this advantage discount, check the allocation here and reserve a room.


Guests, family, and friends are welcome to come to the Jamboree. Each must register and pay the jamboree attendance fee before September 2nd. There will be registration after this deadline but note that there is a $50 fee increase and space cannot be guaranteed for any online registration not paid in full by this date.
As space is limited in presentation rooms and at the awards ceremony, preference will be given to iGEM team members.

Release Form

During the iGEM Europe Jamboree photos and videos will be taken and these will be uploaded online. All participants attending the Jamboree must fill out and hand in a release form. Without filled out release forms for each team member we can not hand out the the team box. Go to the release form page, print out the general release form and bring the completed forms to the Jamboree.


Looking for a way to get more involved with iGEM? How about applying to be a part of our Regional Jamboree Europe volunteer team! Check the volunteers page for more information.

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