Friday Night = Meeting of Minds

Synthetic Biologists meet Politicians

Developments in synthetic biology are occurring at high speed. However, the general public has not yet become aware of the developments and its implications for society. According to a Eurobarometer survey in 2011, only 17% of the European citizens have heard of Synthetic Biology. Thus, time to start fostering political and public opinion making on SynBio.

In the night before the team presentations, the Rathenau institute and the European iGEM organization invites you and political youth organizations for a Meeting of Minds: Future scientists meet the future politicians. Prominent commentators (senior scientists and senior politicians) will join you in your debate about societal and ethical issues in this rapidly developing technoscience.

Prepare the minds

The politicians are introduced to SynBio by Rathenau starting end of June with a workshop, literature and expert meetings. Click here for a photo impression.

iGEM teams work on social aspects of their project in their human practice part.

Join the debate

To debate, a basis is needed. We provide a web-platform with a repository of 'vignettes' - short illustrative future scenarios (stories) concerning SynBio. The iGEM teams are invited to comment, advice and critique these stories, or even contribute their own scenario related to their project. Thus building a public available vignette library.

Being active in this debate you have a good chance to be invited on stage in Amsterdam and present your societal visions to your peers and experts.

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