Weekly Meeting of National YangMing University —“Good Morning, ShenNong Slope”

The topic of “Good Morning, ShenNong Slope” this year is “It’s good to meet you! Be thankful for those who are important in your life.” And there is a special program to introduce this year’s iGEM team from institute of biomedical informatics. The team was founded in 2007.Uunder the guidance of professor Chuan-Hsiung Chang, NYMU iGEM team have attend iGEM competition many times, and won gold medal in 2007, silver medal in 2009, and in 2010, they won silver medal by the project”SpeedyBac.”

The slides are showing the video of the 2010 iGEM competition. Students are presenting their project result in fluently English. They are easy and confident, and those made the attendees impressive and appreciate. When 2010NYMU iGEM team went to America, they met a lot of great people who gave them a hand and inspired them. When waiting for the airplane in Narita Airport, a student who graduated from YangMing saw our iGEM team members wearing the T-shirt of YangMing University, and he cheered the iGEM team up in person. And that made students who just left their country very warm.

During the competition, students graduated from YangMing and study in America went to MIT to cheered NYMU iGEM team in person. Besides, a student graduated from YangMing dentistry also bought painkiller and underwent a surgery for a student who had toothache. Some graduated students introduced the campus of MIT and they also toured the hospital which is famous for their research in diabetes. After they got the prize, the Managing Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston, Miss Hung, called them, congratulated them on their achievement, and also had lunch with them at once. All of the memory make 2010 NYMU iGEM team want to say thank you to those who have helped them.

Perhaps NYMU iGEM team should thank professor Chang most. Professor Chang not only takes the responsibility of the guidance and the assemblage of NYMU iGEM team but also keeps company with the team members and gives them instructions on the research all the way. Professor Chang always hopes that the students would got good presentation and prize. All the team members also appreciate the Office of International affairs and the Department of Medicine in YangMing University. Both of them give NYMU iGEM team a lot of financial support so that the team members can go abroad to participate in the competition and their views broaden. Professor Chang.

The assemblage of 2011 NYMU iGEM team have done this February. As usual, Professor Chang is the instructor of the team. This year, the team named their project “Tailoring Your Avatar.” They hope that they can win the prize this year, just like the teams before.

iGEM 2011 meetup

A meeting for all Chinese iGEMers -- iGEM 2011 China Meetup -- was held at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) from July 29th to July 31th.

The theme of this conference is "iGEM -- the breeding ground for the next generation of synthetic biologists". During the conference, well-known experts was invited to promulgate their latest research findings and elucidate the development trend of synthetic biology, and there were also insightful students to make subjective reports and reviews. iGEM teams displayed the current progress of their projects, and shared their experiences with conference participants.

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