Potassium Acetate

From 2011.igem.org

The molecular formula for Potassium Acetate is C_2H_3K_2. Its molecular weight is 98.15 gr/mole.

To make 200ml of 5M Potassium Acetate stock solution, use

98.15 gr Potassium Acetate
200 ml distilled water

Notice to make 1M Potassium Acetate, one would use 98.12 gr of the pure compound in a final volume of 1 liter, or 1000 ml, of solution. To make 5M Potassium Acetate, one can put the same amount of pure Potassium Acetate in 1/5 liter of water. Notice 1/5 liter = (1 liter/5)(1000 ml/1 liter) = (1000 ml/5) = 200 ml.