New Rules



Posting Lab Hours & Attendance

On Sunday, Aug 28th we will implement the final solution for collectively informing the Team of our lab availability. Last minute/ hour planning is no longer an option due to a multitude of reasons -- both administrative and academic.

Beginning Aug28th Baltimore iGEM Members will post their Lab hours a week in advance. It will no longer be necessary to post anything on a day's wikipage if you do not plan to be in the lab that day. Each Member has until midnight on Sun, Aug 28th to post hours for any of the days Aug 29 (Mon) -- Sep 4 (Sun) that are marked as open to iGEM.

Note: There will be an academic penalty imposed in the case that a student signs up for Lab hours and does not show up, shows up late, or leaves early. Repeat offenders will lose their Lab privileges and may not be invited to the. Like any TU course, the TU Policy concerning absences applies to this too.

We will be coordinating with the Molecular Biology Course Instructor for lab time. These hours and days are still not set in stone. In addition to some regular daytime hours on some weekdays we should have the lab in the evenings, weekends. This information should be available next Thursday, Aug 25, at the evening meeting from 7:30 - 10:00. Good time to segue...

Mandatory Thursday Meetings

We are at a critical stage and time is of the essence. Our weekly Thursday night meeting MUST be attended from Sep 1st onward. If you know that you are not going to be able to make ALL of the next 6 mandatory meetings, then you will still be a member of Team Baltimore, however, you will not be permitted in to continue in the Lab with the Team during this final stretch. Everyone who continues MUST be at these critical weekly meetings because of the simple fact that the days of floating into the lab without an idea in your head about where the Team is at, nor of what you need to start doing without being told step by stepre over. It's sail or sink, people. And we simply do not have the time to explain to a slacker what's been done, what decisions have been made, and how the Team plans to navigate the sea of deadlines looming ahead. If you fall into this unfortunate category, know this: (1) Your name and photo stay on the wiki because everyone has been part of this team. (2). If we get a sponsor to buy us T-shirts, you will receive yours. (3) You will receive your lapel pin and the certificate of Participation that every participant in 2011 iGEM will receive whether they are at the Jamboree or not.

College Credit and Academics

Every student, regardless of his/her anticipated status after Aug 28 will meet privately with Dr Liz to discuss credits to sign up for this Fall. These appointments can take place during Lab hours this coming week, but they will be conducted privately. All students will know tneir options and each is held yo the same standard