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The iGEM Judging Committee will be making announcements on any changes or clarifications of the judging process or the requirements page. We'll be posting the announcements here, so check back from time to time.

To: All iGEM Teams

On: August 8, 2011

Subject: Judging Announcements #1

We are super excited about the new format for iGEM this year, which includes Regional Competitions as well as a World Championship. We at the iGEM Judging Committee have been working hard to make sure the rules can be accessed by the entire community and are easy to understand.

We’d like to bring your attention to a few key requirements and guidelines, which differ from previous years…

Standard Undergraduate Teams and Postgraduate Teams can participate in iGEM 2011

For details on how this works, read “1. What is an iGEM team?” on the Requirements page.

All Wiki’s require a “Data Page”

This year, data (graphs, charts, pictures, etc.) absolutely need to be placed in the Registry instead of just in the Wiki, but how will judges ever find this data you ask? By creating a Data Page that shows a schematic illustration of your device, lists the parts that make up your device, and links to the Registry pages for those parts, judges will see why the parts are important and they will be able to navigate to your data quickly and easily. Do not expect judges to look at any data in your Wiki. See “3. Project Documentation” on the Requirements page. Visit the Sample Data Page to see an example of a data page.

What awards will be given at the Regional Competitions and World Championship?

Visit the Judging page to read all about it.

Make sure your team reads and understands the guidelines that are posted on the Requirements page. Remember, you can contact us at judging (at) igem . org with questions about requirements and criteria.

Happy BioBricking!

The iGEM Judging Committee

August 8, 2011