High School Competition/iGEM High School Team Guidelines

From 2011.igem.org

What do you need to know before developing a team? What can you expect? This page lays out the tasks that your team will have to achieve as an iGEM team.



Your team will register online. You must have at least one team leader. This team leader can be teacher, an adult from the community, or a faculty or graduate student from a university/college. Your team must consist of students from your high school, or you could develop a team that is a collaboration of differing high schools.

Team leader responsibilities

As the team leader you are responsible for the accounts of the team. You will need to make sure that parent permission forms for participation in iGEM are complete. You should seek approval from the administration to develop an iGEM team.

Track selection

Each team will chose a track by May 30th. This information will help the judges. The tracks are in the judging criteria section.

Team project descriptions

Each team will submit a project description by March 7th. This description will be used to provide information to all the other teams about what you are doing. This description should develop into your team abstract. When developing a project always keep the next competition in mind, but make the project attainable.


Each team must submit a team abstract before May 30th. All team abstract will be posted on the team information section of the website. Your team abstract must be 100-150 words about your project and contain the project title (maximum of 15 words). This will allow other teams and the interested public to read about your project.


All teams will develop a wiki. A wiki is a website for you team project that allows future teams to see the work that you have done. The wiki must contain documentation that would allow future teams the ability to replicate your work in the lab. The wiki must follow the basic outline given, but do not let this put restrictions on your design. You will be judged on your wiki and during the jamboree the team with the best wiki wins the Wiki award. There will be a wiki freeze, June 16th 2012. You must have all of your documentation completed before the wiki freeze. Do not procrastinate!!

Biobrick parts

During the competition you lab can achieve a standard. The standard that your lab will qualify for will be based on submission of a biological part (see judging criteria). The biological parts that are submitted to the Registry must be in the Biobrick form (see the registry for more information on biobrick).


All teams will submit a poster for their team project. This poster must be 48 inches by 48 inches. The poster will be judged during the jamboree in June. Remember the poster must be designed in a way so that the judge can read everything about your research.

Judging forms

Judging forms must be filled out by June 16th of 2012. These forms will help the judges during the jamboree. These forms will follow the medal guidelines that are in the judging criteria section.


The Jamboree is the main event for your research. Show your team spirit! Make sure that all of the paper work is ready. You must come with your release form for every member of your team.

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