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Have you ever considered publishing your iGEM research project in a peer-reviewed journal?

Not sure what steps to take?

G3: Genes | Genomes | Genetics, a new open access, peer-reviewed journal, may be your answer.

G3 publishes cutting edge genetics research. Because synthetic biology has the potential to revolutionize traditional genetics experiments, we want to talk to you!

G3's articles describe useful, well-executed, and lucidly-interpreted genetic studies of all kinds.

G3 publishes:

  • Research of interest to a wide range of biological disciplines, including microbiology, mycology, zoology, botany, and agriculture.
  • Research in established and emerging model organisms;
  • Research in human and medical genetics;

G3 focuses on:

  • Sequence of novel species
  • Studies on gene, protein and other biological networks
  • New methods and technologies for the production and analysis of large-scale genetic datasets
  • Software for the analysis of genetic data
  • Novel mutant collections, and reagents and resources made available to the community for further analysis

Have you constructed a new genetic part or device that could be broadly useful?

Does your research inform on gene and cellular function?

If you think your project is a good fit for G3, then contact us!

A G3 representative, Leslie Mitchell, will be at MIT this weekend. If you'd like to discuss the suitability of your research for publication in G3 with Leslie, please email: lmitch24 [at] jhmi.edu and set up a time to meet.

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